Monday, December 18, 2006

South Park Season 10 Season Pass

When season 10 of South Park started, I purchased the Season Pass from the iTunes Store.  Then when Comedy Central resumed South Park from its mid season break, the Season Pass didn't resume.  Then when I looked at the entry in the iTunes Music Store, it listed a new 10B season South Park.  I didn't feel like paying for this new season, especially since I thought I originally payed for the whole season.

Last week, I got this email from Apple.  It seems that a lot of people were upset, so they gave the 10B season to anyone who purchased 10A.  I think that this is a great for public relations.

Dear Paul,

Thank you for purchasing the South Park Season 10A Season Pass from the iTunes Store. We know that the decision to split this season into two parts created some confusion for our customers.

We strive to create a perfect experience and we're very sorry for any confusion this may have caused.  It looks like you already purchased 1 episode of South Park Season 10B.  The remaining 6 South Park Season 10B episodes are now available for you to download, compliments of the iTunes Store team.  To download your free episodes, open iTunes and select Check for Purchases from the Store menu.  Or, just click this link.

Because you previously purchased 1 10B episode, we are also giving you a code good for 1 $1.99  music video or TV show of your choice. Redeem the code below by clicking on the following link.


You can also redeem your code by following the instructions outlined in this article.

We sincerely thank you for being an iTunes customer and we value your continued business.


Sr. Manager, Customer Experience

iTunes Store

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  1. I bought season 10a but I never recieved an email. Well if you could that would be greatly appreciated.


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