Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Harmony Remote problems

Now that the Series3 is working, I wanted to configure my Harmony remote to control the new setup.  While trying to do this, I had a couple of problems.

There is a new update to the Harmony Remote software.  When the software first started up, a dialog appeared with options to install the update or quit.  Every time that I installed the update, the software would crash.  I eventually found out that the problem was that the Harmony Remote software was not unpacking the update itself, but using the configured helper application. (The Unarchiver).  Once I deleted this app, the update worked correctly.

Once the update was installed, and the Harmony Remote software was working, I was able to make some of the modifications to my setup.  Then the software stopped responding.  I restarted the app, and when the app started up, it stated that it wasn't able to make a network connection.  All other apps were able to make network connections.  I found the problem was caused because the web site wasn't responding to requests.

Here are some suggestions that I have for Logitech (especially since they are really advertising these remotes for the holidays)

  1. Make sure that everything required for an update is included in the application itself, and there are no external dependancies.

  2. Make sure that there really isn't a route to the external network, before stating that this is the problem.

  3. Have a backup for the server.  If the one server is not available, the Harmony Remote software will not work.

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