Saturday, December 23, 2006


In early 2004, I was looking for a solution of reducing spam email or our domain.  We had been using SpamAsassin, but we didn't have a food soluton for training the bayesian database.

Then I found Maia Mailguard.  This is a extension of amavisd-new.  When mail is received it is run though spam an virus filters.  The mail is quarantined or released based on each users settings.  There is a nice web interface for users to mark items as spam, that were missed, or release items that were incorrectly marked as spam.

I installed this on my server, and it really worked for our mail.  It worked so well, that I decided to make this available to other people.  That is when I started MailBarricade.  I mentioned this to my friends, and posted some ads with AdWords. Some friends and some small companies signed up.

I was not getting rich from this, but it was stopping spam for our domains.  Though, the upkeep took some time:

  • Making sure that the server was running the latest patches

  • Making sure that the server was always up

  • Installing other software to make management easter

Then Google started their Google Apps for Your Domain.  Google offers a mail solution that includes spam and virus filtering.  If I were to switch to this solution, I wouldn't have to worry about the maintenance of the servers.  The other benefit of switching is that Google is offering this service for free.

I decided to close down MailBarricade.  After a couple of months of notice, I just shutdown the server.

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