Thursday, August 31, 2006 notifications

A while ago, I mentioned how I was going to try since I was getting spurious downtime messages from SiteUptime, even though the servers are up.  For the past few days, I have been getting downtime notifications from, event though the servers are up.  I think that the are having networking problems.

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  1. Can you please tell ip's or hostnames of servers are you monitoring?

  2. New notification mechanism is already there starting from today in The advantages of this mechanism is
    1. Before sending an alert it check 3 time successively with interval of 1 minute and if all 3 time the test fails it sends notification.
    2. You'll get an alert immediately, no 25 minutes interval, only graphics and tables are refreshed at this interval.
    3. You'll get an alert only if from both locations your site is down.
    So stay with, new interesting features are on the way.


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