Saturday, August 26, 2006

Amazon EC2

I just finally got around to checking out Amazon's EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud).  This service, that is currently in limited beta, looks very interesting. 

Essentially what Amazon is offering is a Virtual Dedicated Server on top of their S3 storage service.  This service seems like it could be an option for someone who is looking at a dedicated server.  The prices are competive.  (If you assume no data is transmitted or received, running one of these server instances would cost $72/month. the rate for data transfer is $0.20 per GB.)

I wish they offered an alternative pricing scheme.  Currently for Amazon's S3, you pay when data is transferred.  Something similar could be done for EC2.  I would imagine a flat fee for every instance, and a charge per CPU hour actually used on each virtual server.

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