Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Mac mini and HDMI switcher

The HDMI switch has worked out very well for switching between our DIRECTV HD DVR and the Mac mini.  There has only been one problem.  If the Mac mini boots when the HDMI switch is set to the DVR input, the Mac mini can not sense the display, so it defaults to a low resolution that can't drive our TV.  Putting the Mac to sleep and waking it back up, while the switcher is switched to that input, fixes the problem.

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  1. I have no idea to connect mac and hdmi.
    If you know then let me know.

  2. All you need is a DVI to HDMI cable. The HDMI spec is just DVI plus digital audio in a single cable. with the DVI -> HDMI cable, you will have to use a seperate cable for audio.

  3. We used this setup with our Mac mini, and it worked perfectly. We used an optical audio cable to bring audio to the receiver.

  4. I have bought Mac mini switcher. Looks awesome. It is great. Designed greatly. It works fine. It comes with remote. It is very easy to use. I would recommend to buy this HDMI switch. It comes in your budget so no need to buy other HDMI switcher.


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