Thursday, March 16, 2006

On dialup

Now that we moved, we are using dialup again.  I called Speakeasy to schedule a time to have dsl installed, and then they told me that my address is not in the database they they use to determine how far we are from the Central Office.  So it appears that even though our phone line has been activated by SBC (AT&T), they haven't updated the database.

This is essentially forcing me to use them for DSL, if I want DSL.  This is something similar to what happened to me before.

Ideally I would like to use Speakeasy for DSL, and use their Speakeasy VoIP since they manage all of the QoS on their network.  But now I am looking at switching to a cable modem.  I am not planning on running a server out of my house anymore, so I don't care about the static ip address.  In addition, with a cable modem, I don't have to worry about the interference with our alarm system.

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