Thursday, March 9, 2006


EnoThe author of ecto has come out with a new RSS aggregator.  endo is a pretty cool application, and it does have some differences that the standard RSS reader.  Instead of having the feed groups listed on the left side, the groups appear across the top of the window.  When you select one of the groups, it slides to the middle of the window, and the others move out of the way.

In addition, it has a pretty good download manager.  It natively support torrent files, using the MIT licensed Transmission BitTorrent client code.  Also, the endo application has built-in updating code, so when an update is needed, it downloads and installs it itself, instead of using a browser.

Personally, I am still going to continue to use NewsFire for my RSS reader.  There are a few things that I didn't like about endo.

  1. It has its own Notifications when endo is in the bacground.  It would be great if endo used Growl

  2. The animation for switching between groups is pretty slow on my 800 Mhz PowerBook G4, so much so that is gets pretty annoying.  Update:  The animation can be disabled from the Preference panel.

  3. I am not used to the navigation between different unread posts.  In endo, you can use Shift-space, while in NewsFire, you use the left and right keys.

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