Friday, March 10, 2006

HDMI switcher

Hdmi-Switch-3Port-3DWe have decided to replace our Toshiba DVD Recorder with TiVo with a Intel Core Duo Mac mini.  We don't have a video source connected to it, so it is only used for playing DVDs and listening to our music collection.

I want to connect the Mac mini to our TV though DVI, but our TV only has one HDMI connection.  So a while ago, I saw this post  that mentioned a 2-port HDMI switcher, for less than $100.  Unfortunately, it looks like this has been discontinued.

I then did another search, and I found the Octavia 2-port HDMI switch.  It has discrete codes for switching the inputs, so it should be really easy to integrate this with my Harmony 880.

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1 comment:

  1. I think u can get 3 port hdmi switcher for less than $100 quite easily in the market. there are lots of hdmi switcher is available in market with that type of configuration.


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