Thursday, April 28, 2005


Shutters Open
About 2 months ago, our 2 year old son gave us a scare. He started to climb over the loft wall in our master bedroom. The loft overlooks our livingroom. We decided to install shutters to cover the opening.

We called Larson Shutters and the owner came out to do the measurements. That was about eight weeks ago. Today, the owner came out to install the shutters. I think that they look great.

More pictures

I would recommend them if you wanted custom shutters and you live in the San Francisco bay area. Also, you can order standard-sized exterior shutters online.


  1. Hey, that looks really great! I know you were talking about putting up a wall or glass block or something, but I think thats an excellent solution!

  2. Glad to hear you're happy with the prodduct and installation of your Larson Shutters. We on the other hand had quite the opposite experience with Larson's. Paying over $1,000.00 for two windows, it was not until the installation was completed that we were told our windows were not perfectly square and that is why there are gaps around the shutter frames. After telling Mr. Larson I wasn't happy with the way they turned out he simply said "Oh well, maybe you can call a carpenter and have him re-do the windows to fit the shutter measurements..." I would never use or recommend this company!!!


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