Tuesday, April 26, 2005

MediaGate MG-25

Mg25 Main ImgThe MediaGate MG-25 is a 2.5" hard drive enclosure, that can be connected to a TV to play back DivX and MP4 files.  This small box can output video up to 1920x1080i, so the video should look pretty good.  It also plays MP3 and OGG files, as well as displays graphic files.

One downside of this is that it gets its power from the USB port, so it will have to be plugged into a computer to be run.  It doesn't look like it can be used as a standalone device.  I would love it if this has an ethernet port, where the content could be copied over across the network, and this could just be connected to a TV.

[via Gizmodo]


  1. It can be used standalone and has a DC power socket to enable this. Additionally it can get power from the USB connection, but only when used as an external drive.
    The MG25 also has a big brother which supports both Ethernet and wireless called the MG-350HD - now if only I could find a place that sells them!

  2. I just recieved the MG-25. Out of the box, the S-video+coax cable is not quite exactly as the photo on the AirLinkTek site. The cable missing the S-video connector, only the 5mm jack (4 pronges) and other end is RCA for 5.1 audio. I have no way to connect the MG-25 to TV thru the S-video. Does anyone know the wiring from the 5mm jack to S-video connector. I plan to make one. I don't think AirLinkTeck would send me the cable as the photo shown. Thank you.

  3. Everywhere I read about the MG-25, even on the official AiaLinkTek, the spec shown S-video cable cobine with the audio 5.1 coax. The manual shipped with the unit AI purchase spell out that S-video is not supported. Is it the reason I got no S-video cable?
    Very disappointed with the product by the misleading specification.

  4. Hello,
    I have un MG 25 which doesn’t have video out and audio out cables.
    Please send me the schemas for construction of the cables.In MG25 pdf files you have three cables for video out and audio out.
    For the remote control I have un universale remote but I don’t have all the comandes.Tell me please all about the remote control for un MG25.
    Thanck you!


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