Thursday, April 14, 2005

Harmony 688 Remote

4134We just got a Harmony 688 remote to replace our Harmony 659 remote (2 year olds can kill electronics very quickly).  I think that the Harmony line of remotes are the best remotes around.  I also tried the Philips Pronto, and the Harmony remotes are better.

The Harmony 688 is just like the Harmony 659, except they claim that it is meant for use with DVRs like TiVo.  The 688 includes some addition hard buttons that the 659 did not have.  I have set up a pair of these buttons to be Thumbs Up/Down, one to be "instant replay" and one for "skip ahead"

There is one downside to this remote.  The buttons are not as raised as they are on the 659, so it is harder to distinguish the buttons with out looking at the remote.

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