Saturday, April 30, 2005

HD QuickTime content

Apple just released QuickTime 7 that has support for the H.264 codec, which provides a good compression format for video.  They even have posted some movie trailers in HD to show off their new version of Quicktime.

On my 800Mhz PowerBook G4 the HD Batman Begins trailer does not play that well. Maybe it would have if I had a faster computer.


  1. I heard that they were delaying this due to the dispute with the MPEG-4 licencing guys. Something about the MPGE-4 guys wanting 0.10 cents for every megabyte downloaded, or something like that. Has the dispute been resolved?

  2. It seems that Apple has worked out the problems that they had with the MPEG licensing group. I though that QuickTime 6 had support for MPEG-4, and the QuickTime 7 really just added suppport for H.264


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