Sunday, April 24, 2005

CDs vs. Sqeezebox

Platinum200Our son has a CD player in his room, and a stack of CDs that he listens too.  Since he changes the CDs himself, the CDs are getting scratched up.  This is not really a big deal, since I have ripped all of the CDs, and could burn another copy if needed.

The problem comes around when we put him to sleep.  Often we put some music on so he can listen to while falling asleep.  But when we happen to pick a CD that has been scratched, the music skips and may even stop, and he wakes up.

I was thinking that the Squeezebox would be a perfect solution for his room.  We would have set up some playlists for him to listen to when he goes to sleep.  When he is fully asleep, we could turn off the music remotely, from the web interface.

Unfortunately, this is a pretty expensive alternative to play music at night time.  The wireless version cost $299, and that doesn't come with speakers.  And, I think that we would keep a CD player in the room, since I think that would like using CDs more than playing with a remote.

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