Saturday, April 25, 2009

Upgraded to Kubuntu 9.04

I have just finished upgrading my computer to the 9.04 version of Kubuntu (Ubuntu with KDE as the default window manager).  I was looking forward to trying the new notification system and the new versiion of KDE.

I decided to do the upgrade online, instead of downloading the CD, and upgrading from it.  The I started the upgrade at 10pm on Thursday, and at 8am on Friday, the download finally finished.  I assume that the slow download was caused because of the number of people doing the upgrades at the same time.

Once the upgrade pretty much everything worked.  I did have to do a few things to make things work

  • Install  plasma-widget-network-manager with apt-get.  I needed this in order to get KDE to use my wireless network

  • Followed the steps on this page to make sound work well with PulseAudio

  • Reset permissions on /usr/lib/*.  I had done this before, but setting permissions fixes audio for VMware Workstation.

  • Uses this page as an example to reconfigure my trackpad.  It looks like now, trackpads are not configured in xorg.conf but are not configured with hal.  I was able to reapply my old configuration in the new way