Saturday, April 11, 2009

Playlist mode with USASpec dock

The USASpec adapter was included as part of the iPhone dock install.  The USASpec adapters have several ways of accessing the music on the iPod or iPhone.  You can access the media either by:

  • Direct - where you need to select the music to play on the iPhone/iPod

  • Folder - where you can browse the music collection by Artist or Album

  • Playlist - where you can preselect some number of playlists that will be easily playable on the headunit

I decided to use Playlist mode, as it also offers the ability to play 6 playlist, also "all songs" and a direct mode.  For the six playlist, it looks for playlist named HONDA1 - HONDA6.  If not all six are found, then it will randomly pick other playlists to fill in the missing spots.  If the adapter is connected to the radio through the XM interface, the playlists are accessed by tuning to channels 1-6.  When using CD changer interface, the playlists appear as CDs.

In addition to playing user playlist, number 7 is used to play all tracks.  And number 8 is for direct mode.  (This is the mode that is used if you want to play Pandora.)

I don't have the time or patience to manually create playlists.  Normally, I just randomly play all of my tracks, but some times I want to listen to a particular type of music.  I thought that iTune's Genius playlist would be a perfect way to get playlist for particular types of music.

I created a few of these, and then named them HONDAx.  These playlists did not work on the USASpec adapter, but Smart Playlists do.  What I am going to do is create Smart Playlists that contain the songs in each of the Genius playlists.

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