Monday, April 13, 2009

Stopped using Google Friend Connect for comments

I have stopped using Google Friend Connect  for blog comments.  There are several things that Google could add to make this more usuable

  1. It should be possible to specify a home page when submitting an anonymous comment

  2. It should be possible to configure the wall to not truncate the messages

  3. It should be possible for the user to configure the what happens when a user clicks on their urls for their authenticated comment (link to Google Friend Connect profile, or blog)

  4. Google should, and maybe already do, process the javascript and index the page using the content of the comments.  There could be a unique comment that someone leaves, and if Google doesn't index it, people will not be able to find the comment.

1 comment:

  1. Yeah, I tried posting a comment via my Android phone (when you had Friend Connect comments enabled) and it was basically impossible.
    On the other hand, using a simple web form like this one is very easy, even from mobile devices, which is where I end up doing a *lot* of my web surfing these days.


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