Thursday, July 12, 2007


As I mentioned before, I am looking for a solution to store my music in a common location where it can be accessible all of my computers, where I can play it back on the Mac mini with in a TV interface, and where I can add music just by dropping the files to a folder, and they will automatically appear on all computers.

Then I got an email from MP3tunes mentioning that if you buy the Logitech Squeezebox you can get a one year subscription to the MP3tines Premium Locker for free.  I mentioned before that I thought a Squeezebox would be a good solution, as I know that the SlimServer software will read music files from a shared network mount point.  It looks like the SqueezeBox will play content directly from MP3tunes, so you don't need to leave a computer up.

One other cool thing about MP3tunes is that there is iTunes integration. With this, the tracks in your MP3tunes locker will appear in your iTunes as a shared iTunes Library.

So I decide to test how well this works.  Unfortunately, I have not been able to sync any content to the MP3 locker.  Both OboeSync2 and Oboe return sync errors when I try and upload content.  I will try a little bit longer to get this to work

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  1. Hey Paul,
    MP3tunes here. We'd be glad to help you out. The most common reason you would get an error when starting the program up would be a firewall or anti virus program blocking us. Make sure that we are on safe lists. If you continue to have a problem starting up you can submit a ticket at We're glad to help!


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