Tuesday, July 10, 2007

MediaCentral revisited

I have been playing with MediaCentral for a while, and I really do like the application.  Unfortunately, it will not do what I want.

The main reason that I am looking for a replacement for FrontRow is because I don't want to have to add music tracks to iTunes in order to play them.  I just want to drop them in a folder and have them accessible.

MediaCentral does have this capability, but unfortunately it takes a long time to display the list of folders if there are a lot of them in the "My Music" folder.  For example, I have 1700 folders (artists) and it takes about 3 minutes to display a list.

There are a couple of ways that Media Central could fix this:

  • Build an index of the folders that are used, so once it is built, MediaCentral doesn't have to scan the file system every time entering the My Music area.  The index could be validated in the background

  • Load the list asynchronously.  With that change I could start scrolling the list before all of the entries have been filled in.

I m going to keep looking for a solution to display my content in a TV interface, or maybe I will just get a Squeezebox, SoundBridge or a SoundBridge Radio.

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