Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Dan A. sent me an email in response to the my post about how I wished that the Folding@Home client automatically suspended the client when my Mac Book Pro is on battery power.  He sent a link to InCrease.

InCrease is a Mac OS X GUI for configuring an running the Folding@Home command line client.  In addition to the standard settings, you can have the client automatically pause when the laptop goes on battery power, and you can monitor remote clients.

Unfortunately, I have not gotten this to work for me.  Every time that I attempt to start the clients, I get the following status:

Unit at ~/Library/Folding@home:
cannot start: isWritable YES, hasClient YES, isStopped YES, isLocal YES, owner F@H

I will try a play with this some more to get it to work.

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  1. You could try MarcoPolo. In the version 2 which is about to be released, you can have Contexts set up according to, amongst other things, batter power.
    You could then have scripts run depending on the context.
    This program is also great for switching between network settings.


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