Thursday, July 27, 2006

Trying Bad Behavior again

I have decided to try out Bad Behavior again, now that it officially supports LifeType.  This plugin helps prevent spam comments and trackbacks, not by content, but by characterizing the HTTP request itself.

When I tried this last time, it blocked some of the scripts that I use.  I will see if the new version works for me now.

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  1. Well I am checking out the system myself, but at the moment it seems most of the spam gets through. I activated the database functionality and integrated into our CMS, but it seems only 1/5 or less of the spam infact gets stopped.
    However I did some checking with Akismet, and it seems to be far better. I am thinking of combining the two since I need a commercial license, and having 1/5 less requests against the akismet server doesn't hurt.
    I must admit the akismet, this is an early observation, doesnt seem to be very intelligent. I experimentet with some posts which infact was identified as spam, altering 1 letter in the name of the post made the post go through... This seems to me like akismet is creating a hash agains all posts and do a simple comparison.
    After all, a post containing 15 links with viagra in the URLs should be considered spam in my opinion.
    Anyways, I can't seem to find any better sollutions at the moment than theese two without having to reinvent the wheel.
    Please update your experiences with the BB and Akismet!

  2. The combination of Bad Behavior and Akismet have worked very well for me. Here is the latest post where I describe the results:


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