Monday, July 31, 2006

High-Speed Network access on Caltrain

Caltrain has finished a proof of concept of wireless internet access along a stretch of tracks in the San Francisco Bay area. Soon riders will be able to access the Internet at broadband speeds while on the train.  It looks like this network is using WiMAX (802.16).  I am not sure if this system will require WiMAX cards in laptops or if 802.11 access points will be installed in the train cars.

Now it will not be as easy for me to get away from work.

The cool think about this, once it is complete, is that I will have wireless network access pretty much from my house all the way to work, now that Google has WiFi in Mountain View.  With this infrastructure, products like the Nokia UMA phone, that is being tested in Finland, are starting to make a lot of sense.

[via Wi-Fi Network News]

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