Thursday, July 13, 2006

Harmony remote shielded?

Ever since we have moved into our house, we have noticed that the picture on our Sony XBR wasn't looking as good as it used to.  Colors would bleed in the corners of the picture.  Usually degaussing the tube would fix the problem, but eventually it would come back.  (There isn't a degauss button on the remote, so this requires unplugging and plugging the TV in.)

Since degaussing seem to alleviate the problem, I thought that there must be something that is causing electro-magnetic interference.  The two main differences with our setup from before we moved  is the Mac mini underneath the TV, and the Harmony Remote next to it.  Since I really didn't want to move the Mac mini, I move the remote to the other size of the room, and degaussed the TV.  So far, after a couple of days, I have not seen the problem.

I am not sure if the problem is the remote, or the charging base, but either way, they are staying away from the TV.

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