Friday, June 30, 2006

Prober E319

E319-Car-Pc-946The Prober E319 is a cool Car PC.  It has built-in 6.5" monitor, GPS receiver, 20GB drive, 128MB RAM and A 400Mhz CPU.  It also does the normal radio stuff with an AM/FM radio, and DVD drive.

I would love them to add:

  1. Make this "XM Ready", and support "Connect and Play" XM Tuners with the USB ports

  2. Change the screen to not require the stylus, but be a touch screen

  3. Be able to support an iPod control protocol with a usb port

  4. Built-in bluetooth to be a hands-free headset for a cell phone

  5. Integrated wifi to allow syncing with music content when parked in garage.

  6. USB 2.0 for faster transfers

  7. Larger hard drive

[via Gizmodo]

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