Monday, June 19, 2006

1Passwd revisited

A while ago, I wrote about 1Passwd.  This is a password manager and form filler for Mac OS X.  One of the authors posted some comments about some of my concerns that I wrote about.  He explained the reason for the Safari extension and why a seperate keychain is used.

I reinstalled 1Passwd and gave it another try, and I really like it.  I find the form filling part pretty useful.  In fact, I paid the registration fee.

Unfortunately, there are times that I am not using a mac, and I wanted to make sure that Google Browser Sync would still work.  1Passwd has no problem working with Google Browser Sync.  Even with 1Passwd installed, passwords still get stored in Firefox's password manager. This is what Google Browser Sync uses for syncing.

There are still some problems.

  1. The default settings on the keychain are not what most users would expect, (even though is is more secure)  This post talks about the 5 minute keychain relock timeout.  And this faq talks about how to enable .Mac syncing.

  2. It is not readily apparent where to enter the registration key.  You need to launch the 1Passwd Editor application to enter the registration key

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