Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Google Browser Sync

The people at Google have been pretty busy.  The day after they came out with the Google Video Player for Mac, they have come out with Google Browser Sync.  This is very similar to the Foxmarks and Bookmarks Synchronizer extension.  Both of these will allow you to keep your bookmarks on a ftp or WebDAV server.  (Foxmarks also offers to host the bookmarks as well.)

Google Browser Sync stores the bookmarks on their servers.  The setup was a lot easier than either of the other bookmark synchronizers.  In addition, Google Browser Sync allows you to specify which data, if any, you want encrypted before being sent off your machine.

This extension has pushed me over the edge, and I am switching back to Firefox.  The only think that is really lacking is good integration with the Keychain.  If I get motivated enough, I may checkout the Firefox source and modify it to use the Keychain as the password storage mechanism.

[via Google Blog]

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  1. Firefox version 2 development is scheduled to use Apple Keychain to store passwords if you do your own programming of this feature, the Firefox development team might benefit from your work.


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