Sunday, April 9, 2006

TuneBase FM for iPod

Ful1 F8Z049-BlkI wanted to get a temporary solution to listen to my iPod in our Odyssey.  This was only a temporary solution, because what I really want is an integrated dock.  Then I would be able to listen to the music on the stereo, and play the videos on the LCD screen. 

That in itself would not be a hard thing to do.  You could take the iPod universal dock, and wire the audio to the line-in on the stereo.  And then run the s-video to the LCD screen.  But this is is not the ideal situation.  I would want to get a headunit that would be able to switch between audio and video sources, and be able to direct the audio from the different sources to the speakers or the headphones in back.

Until then, I just wanted to be able to listen to the iPod.  Since I don't have any additional inputs, I decided to go for an FM transmitter.  The first one that I picked was the TuneBase FM, as it holds the iPod.  When I got it, I noticed two things.  The flexible steel neck is pretty short, so it doesn't help much in the Odyssey.  And the iPod does not fit while it is in the iSkin eVo3.

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