Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Mac mini

MacminiYesterday, I set up the Mac mini as a media center PC.  I love this thing.  The FrontRow interface is beautiful.  There are some nice touches that I just love.

  1. Before you select a video, a preview of it shows on the left side of the screen

  2. Being able to view content on another computer is really nices as I have my podcasts subscribed on my laptop, but I can still view them on the mini.

The installation was very easy.  I just connected the DVI port to the HDMI switcher.  I then changed the output  resolution to 1080i.  (I did have to turn off the overscan option.)  Then I copied all of the media that was on our linux server and my laptop tot he mini.  To control the mini, I am using a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse.  I also configured my Harmony 880 remote to control both the Mac mini and the HDMI switcher.

I was expecting 1080i, to be high enough resolution to use this has a computer monitor.  But text looks so bad, that I wouldn't want to use it like this.  I may just use the built in VNC server.

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  1. Is you TV really large? I am thinking about doing the same thing and I am actually thinking about getting a smaller TV so that I could use it as a monitor.

  2. I have a Sony 34" XBR direct view TV

  3. I'm using a Mac Mini Intel 2GB RAM 120GB HD in an entertainment center with a Samsung LN-S3251D and going from DVI/RGB to RGB input. I tried DVI to HDMI first, but the Samsung is optimized for PC input via the RGB. I can do high resolution in super sharp (movies, itunes, iphoto, look great). If you're looking for an HDTV, I strongly recommend this particular Samsung line (just released, a little pricey). There is a larger version than the 32" I bought (had to fit in my existing entertainment furniture). I do audio output via toslink. Does Dolby Digital beautifully.

  4. what settings did you use to get this to work?

  5. I configured the Mac mini as a "Media Center PC". For model number, I entered Mac Mini.


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