Wednesday, April 26, 2006

NetNewsWire and NewsGator

I saw that the NetNewsWire beta has syncing capabilities with NewsGator.  This allows you to be able to read your subscribed feeds, even when you are not at your Mac.  You could have done this by exporting your subscribed feeds as an opml file and subscribing to it in a a web based rss aggregator.  The problem with this is that marking a article as read in one of the readers, will not make that same change in the other.

The NetNewsWire and NewsGator integration takes care of this for you.  When you start NetNewsWire it loads the state of your feeds from NewsGator, an then when it quits it uploads it back up.  I have found that this works very well.  The only feature that I would like to see in this integration is the ability to sync the "My Clippings" items as flagged items in NewNewsWire.

I am interested in solutions like this because I want to be able to use my data where ever I want.  .Mac enables this, where I can have my settings on any mac.  Google Calendar enables this, since the calendars can be shared with other systems.  Even email, through IMAP, can be shared across multiple devices.

I would love to see larger data to be able to synchronized.  For example, I would love all of the music or videos that I purchased to be stored on my .Mac account.  Then it would be able to be accessed from any of my macs.

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