Saturday, December 3, 2005

Wireless network access

As we have been traveling to the Palm Springs are about once a month as my wife's grandfather goes through cancer treatment, we have been staying in condos in the area.  The condos allow us to have a "regular" schedule for the kids bed time.

One thing about condos compared to hotel room, is that they don't tend to offer "high speed" internet access.  Since I want to be able to continue to work while there, I was looking into ways that I could high speed access.

First, I looked into Verizon's BroadbandAccess.  For $59.99 a month, you can get unlimited access to 400 - 700 kbps download speed.  The main reason that I had with this was that they will only give you access if you sign up for a two year contract.  I would be willing to pay the $59.99, if I would only have to pay for it on the months that I use it.

I then found this page that describes how to set up my E815 as a bluetooth modem.  The instructions worked very well.  I had to enabled V Cast (I could have enabled just Mobile Web, but the minutes used by the data calls would have been charged against my allocation.)

Also, when I told the Verizon support representative what I wanted to do, they said that it wouldn't work.  They stated that the only thing that would do what I want is one of their BlackBerry devices.

When connected to the phone Internet Connect reports the connection speed as 230400 bps.

Internet Connect Speed

When I ran a speed test at, I get a download speed of 64 kbps.

Speed Test

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