Saturday, December 31, 2005

Sereniti Home Networking

Product GatewayI saw a review of Sereniti Home Networking in the January 2006 Popular Mechanics.  From the brief review, it looks like it is a standard broadband router, but they also charge users a monthly or yearly fee to keep the rules up to date.

The description of many of the security features looks like it depends on some software running on the PCs on the local network.  Since it seems that all of this functionality is pretty standard, I wonder if they are just licensing some others companies software suite.

An interesting fact is that the Smart Home Gateway has a 80 GB drive.  It looks like it can be setup to backup the PCs on the local network.  A "feature" is that Sereniti's tech support can access the files in case your computer is not able to retrieve the files itself.  This really concerns me that a third party has access to a backup that is "local".

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