Thursday, December 29, 2005

V Cast Video

VcastSince I enabled V Cast on my phone, so I don't have to pay for data access when I use my phone as a bluetooth modem, I wanted to check out what content was available with V Cast.  In their video selection, they have clips from several different news networks.  Also they have some clips from The Daily Show.  Our kids love the clips from Sesame Street.

I did find a "bug"  if you use a bluetooth headset, you can not get the audio played through the headset.  It will only play through the internal speaker.  I have not tried a wired headset.

I don't see myself using this frequently.  I don't have occasion often to be sitting somewhere where I can be hunched over while looking at my phone.

It made me think about some future directions that they may want to be, or planning to be going.

  1. Working with Apple to create a cell phone iPod with Video support.  Videos could be downloaded to the iPod when in cell signal is available, and the video could be watched later.

  2. Integration with auto media systems.  Sirius announced a while ago, that they were going to be able to deliver video directly to cars.  This could be an additional revenue stream for Verizon.  (If this video support is not handled when roaming, the device in the cars may have to cache the video to a hard drive.)

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