Monday, December 5, 2005

Google to replace Technorati?

I can envision that Google could replace Technorati as authority for blog referrals.  I haven't found a good way to get the results that I expect.

For example, in the main Google page, you can do a search "".  This will return a list of all pages that link to pages in this blog, but not including any pages in the blog itself.

The problem with using the main Google search is that results are not limited to blogs.  And Google doesn't itself provide rss feeds for the results.

A while ago, Google came out with Blog Search.  This appears to have a lot of the features that I would like.  It only searches blogs, and it provides rss feeds of the results. 

The one problem that I haven't been able to work around is that it looks like the Blog Search doesn't support the link search parameter.  So I can't use this to search blogs that link to a particular domain.  I can do a search like: ""Paul's Time Sink""

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