Thursday, November 18, 2004

Updated MetaWeblog support in plog

I have updated the changes that I mentioned in a previous post, to better support the metaWeblog API in plog. The new file is here. In order to use it, remove the .txt extension and place it in your plog directory.

I originally wanted to integrate this into the existing xmlrpc.php file, but I was not able to do it and not break existing functionality with existing clients that only use the blogger API.

In this file, I have made the following changes:

  1. Categories are now treated as actual categories, instead of separate blogs. (Now you can change the category of a blog)

  2. Correctly set the urls of the articles, categories and blogs

  3. Fixed a bug where the result to newPost was being returned as a int instead of a string.

There are still a few changes that I want to make to this.

  1. Add support for metaWeblog.newMediaObject (This would probably just add the resource to the first album in plog)

  2. Add support for the dateCreated field

  3. Add support for all of the MovableType extensions (This will allow editing the additional text in a separate area, without have to insert some special characters.)

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