Friday, November 12, 2004

ecto and pLog

I have been trying to get ecto to work with pLog,
in order to post from my Mac. I have been not been able to get it
to work completely. When I load the existing posts, it puts the
titles of messages into the body section. Also when creating new
messages all of the message body appears in the title section.

I posted a message on the ecto and the plog forums, and got a response
from the developer of ecto. It appears that pLog has done a different implementation of the Blogger rpc api, than other blogging software. (It looks like the Blogger API does not specify how titles should be represented.) Here is the thread.
The developer does not want to add hacks to support all of these different
implementations. As a software engineer, I agree with him. I wouldn't
want to create hacks in software that I work on. But as a customer, I
want this to work.

It looks like w.bloggar does
support this, since it allows the user to specify the title/body
delimiter. But this is a windows only application, so it doesn't
help me.

I think that I am going to do one of the following:

  1. Modify the php code in pLog to better support the Blogger API
  2. Help modify ecto to support the pLog Blogger API implementation

  3. Find a different blog client

  4. Switch to a different blog server software

I think that I will end up making the change to the pLog php scripts,
since ecto seems to be the best blog client, and I really don't want to
switch blog server software.

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