Sunday, November 7, 2004

Spam Poison

I found this website yesterday that is supposed to help combat
spam. Spam Poison is a web site that you link to from your web
pages, it has links to pages that have a bunch of fake email
addresses. This is supposed to fight spammer is two ways.

  1. Spam web crawlers will waste time on these web pages

  2. All of these fake email address will waste the resources of the spammers

I am not sure about how effective this web site will be. I would
assume that the spammers will just not crawl hosts in the domain.

It seems a better, but a little more complicated, solution would be to
give some php code, or some other server side code, that people would
put on their web site. They would link to a local page that
contained this code This would generate html that contained email data
that was retrieved from This way, the spam web
robots will not be able to block certain domains.

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