Friday, October 29, 2004

VNC Video Card

I have a server running RedHat 9, that I do not keep a monitor or keyboard connected to. I want to upgrade it to Fedora Core 2, but it is such a hassle, having to connect it to a monitor, keyboard and mouse.

I would love to see someone make a "network video card". This would be a video card that does not actually connect to a monitor. It would actually have a ethernet port. Instead of rendering the video to VGA it would render it to VNC. Then anyone with a VNC client could look at the computer "screen". Also, I was thinking that this video card would have either a USB cable or a PS/2 mouse and keyboard out, so the clients could control the computer. This solution would allow remote controlling of all features, including BIOS settings.

In addition to the VNC server, this video card should implement a http server, for configuration.


  1. There is such a device - see

  2. The KVMoIP devices are notoriously expensive.
    Building the VNC engine onto the video card would, in theory, reduce the cost and increase the signal quality, as the VNC engine would have direct digital access to the video framebuffer, eliminating the need for costly and lossy DAC/ADC engines and VGA framebuffers.


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