Friday, October 29, 2004

SkiFi 2

Skyfi 2As I am sure most TiVo users have experienced, I have wanted to replay things other than TV. When driving in the car and you miss something on the radio, I want the ability to replay. Delfi, as reported in Engadget, has come out with a new version of the SkiFi that solves some of these problems.

The SkiFi 2 has some minor tweaks, but the most interesting change to be is that they added a 30-minute buffer. Son now it willbe possible to pause and rewind into the buffer.

I wonder if this buffer will be retained when the user changes the channel. Also I wonder if Delphi is adding the feature, that is present in the XM Commander, where the user will be notified when one of their favorite songs is on any of the channels. How will that behave with the buffer? Is there a battery to hold the contents of the buffer when the SkyFi is being transported?

Since I already own the SkyFi 1, will the current cradles work with the new SkiFi?

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