Sunday, November 21, 2010

Moved to

In March, I moved my blog from a self-managed installation to a hosting managed by Godaddy.  I haven't been happy with performance of that installation, so I decided to find a different hosting solution.

I decided to move my blogs to  With this hosting, I wont need to manage any upgrades to the software, but I can let manage the bandwidth and server load.  The transfer to went smoothly, and I paid the $12 to allow a custom domain to be used.

When transitioning from, there are some differences that I met:

  • You can't install arbitrary templates or plugins

  • If you have multiple blogs associated with your account, you can't have different display names for your posts on each accounts.  (You could probably create multiple accounts.)

  • It seems like strips the html that can be used in the text widget.

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