Sunday, November 28, 2010

Amahi Home Server

Amahi is a project that looks like it could be a good home server solution for me. Amahi is a set of packages that installs on Red Hat Linux, and a service that allows cloud configuration of your server.

Many of the features that are available make Amahi a great solution for a home server:

  • Firefly media sever for streaming to iTunes

  • Built-in VPN server

  • File server

  • Folder replication with greyhole

  • Backup, both full disk (with PBA) and incremental backups (with client software)

  • Ability to install other applications.  I am interested in this for:

    • UPnP server, for streaming to Xbox

    • Squeezebox Server for playing audio to our Squeezeboxes

There are some things that will be a little more difficult with Amahi, than with the HP MediaSmart server, that I now use:

  • Incremental backups will need additional client software, and is not part of the Amahi package

  • I will have to install the MyMovies server on the Windows Media Center computer, instead of leaving it on the server

Soon, when I get a new server case (something like the ABS TIGAS), I will install Amani and see how it works.

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  1. OpenFiler looks like a pretty good alternative as well. Runs on CentOS


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