Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wolfram Alpha and Firefox

I had been hearing about Wolfram Alpha for a while.  I manually went to the web site a few times, and had mixed results.  Since I use Google regularily, I figured if I could compare the results from Google and Wolfram Alpha side by side, I could see which one is better.

This Firefox add-on modifies the Google search results page to contain the results from Wolfram Alpha.  I ran this for a while to compare the results between the two search engines.

For many of the search terms that I looked for, Wolfram Alpha did not return any results.  Maybe , I wasn't formatting the query in a way that Wolfram Alpha wanted.  I have since uninstalled that add-on, and will probably not be using Wolfram Alpha.

[via ChattahBox]

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  1. Wolfram Alpha is not meant to be a search engine but more like a computation engine. Try searching google and WA with terms like "cylinder height=24cm radius=14cm" or terms like that and then choose what result is more useful. Wolfram Alpha won't crawl the web to index it but provide knowledge in a form of computation. It's really nice to have an online function plotter and things like that.


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