Saturday, May 16, 2009

Airport and WDS

I have been having problems with one of our Airport Express access points.  Every once in a while, we would loose access to the wireless network on our top floor.  Restarting the Airport Express would fix it.  Until, I eventually I replace it, I have turned on the wireless radio on our other Airport Express that we had been using as a print server.

One annoyance that I had to do was that I had to configure this new base station with the same wireless settings as the other base stations.  This had me thinking that WDS could make this easier to configure.

I configured the base stations with one as the main WDS station, and the others as Remote stations.  There are several reasons that this configuration will not work for me

  1. With this configuration, I still had to manually configure the wireless network on each of the base stations.  I was hoping that I would have been able to set the wireless settings on the main base station, and then once the remote base stations connect to the main station, the settings would be transferred automatically.

  2. With his configuration, it looks like the remote base stations only connect to the network wirelessly.  Ideally, I would want it to connect to the wired network.  This would offer the best network performance.

I went back to the manual configuration.  I will go back to something like WDS, if I can only share wireless network settings.

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