Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hulu Desktop

Hulu has released Hulu Desktop in beta.  This application, for Mac OS X and Windows, allows you to watch Hulu content with only using a remote for control.

I think that this is an interesting move on their part, and you can see why they wanted to stop Boxee from showing Hulu content.  If they will also create a Windows Media Center plugin, that would allow this content to be viewed within the Media Center UI, I will be that much closer to canceling Comcast cable service.

[via Mashable]


  1. This is all fine and good but I just can't sit at my computer for hours watching streaming content.

    If they can make an app that works with my IP enabled BlueRay player; I'm there.

  2. Hulu can be a replacement for Cable or Satellite TV. With Hulu Desktop, you can be still sitting in front of your TV.

  3. I use PLEX (an XBMC flavor for mac) to watch hulu, local content, Vimeo, Academic Earth, among other things with my laptop hooked up to a 24" monitor via HDMI. The stock apple remote is almost perfect.

    Now, just take out my 24" monitor and plug it in to a 60" LCD or something and you'll be cookin' with gas.


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