Thursday, October 11, 2007

TV Wall Mount accessories

Today, I saw these two posts (1, 2)that mention two helpful items when wall mounting a TV.

The PowerBridge is a kit that makes it easy to add a recessed outlet behind a wall mounted TV.  The kit includes all of the items needed, except for the romex wire.

APC offers a wall mounted power filter. This offers surge protection and noise filtering for tvs. The cool thing about is that it is hidden by the TV.


  1. So, what kind of TV did you get? LCD? Plasma? How big? Inquiring minds want to know!
    We ended up just using a plastic on-wall condiut made by "Wiremold" that I found at Fry's. Its about 4" wide and from floor to the TV, and sticks out from the wall about 3/4", and is painted the same color as the wall, and looks quite nice. I'm always afraid of cutting these permanent holes in the wall, and couldn't figure out what kind of plugs to use, so the wiremold worked out great. Its big enough to hold power, VGA, component, S-video, and HDMI, so thats pretty much everything I'll ever need...


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