Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Switched to Ubuntu

I have switched my main computer from a Mac Book Pro to a laptop running Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon.  I have been pretty pleased with this switch.

There were a few things that made the transition easier:

  • Google Bookmark Sync - As soon as I installed this extension, all of my bookmarks, passwords, cookies, and history appear in the new installation of Firefox.

  • Web based applications - I have been used web based applications for things that are normally desktop applications.  For example, I use the web interface of Google Mail and Calendar for mail and calendar.  I use Remember the Milk for to do list. And Google Docs for word processing and spreadsheets.

  • JungleDisk - Since I used JungleDisk to back up my home directory from my Mac Book Pro, I it was easy to copy all of that data down.  Also it is very easy to transfer files between the computers

 There are still a few things that I miss that are available on Mac OS X

  • A good password manager - On Mac OS X, 1Passwd is great.  It integrates with all browsers, and it uses the built-in keychain.  In addition, it will create secure passwords, all from the browser window.

  • A good MovableType blogging client - ecto is a great application for posting blog entries.  I haven't been impressed with the applications listed in the Ubuntu add/remove application.


  1. I am seriously considering the same. Currently I work off of three computers: my desktop, my work/research desktop, and my notebook. My work desktop has always run a Linux distro but I recently converted it to Ubuntu Gutsy. I just installed Gutsy (Tribe 5) on my MacBook and am currently updating it to (Beta). Honestly the thing keeping me on Mac on my home desktop is the fact that I have an iPhone and want to sync mail/calendar/music/contacts.

  2. I used to fiddle with Linux installs a lot, but since switching to Mac 2 years ago I've never been happier. No more fuss with video drivers, broken hibernation, and problem with missing drivers. Maybe Ubuntu has fixed all this since I made the switch?
    Anyway, why are you switching to Linux? Hopefully you'll still use Macs as I'd hate to see a 1Password user go :)

  3. Welcome to Ubuntu. I'm using it exclusively since Dec. 2006 and am very happy with it.
    I'm using Relevation, it integrates very nice with Gnome (including a panel applet).


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