Monday, October 1, 2007

Phone Wishlist

I went to the Verizon store today, to check out the latests phones.  There wasn't a single phone that did everything that I wanted.  Here the list of features that I want in a phone:

  • smart phone

  • WiFi

  • Bluetooth

  • Voice dialing

  • qwerty keyboard

  • EV-DO

  • camera phone

  • ability to install applications

    • Google Mail application (I want to view my mail as it is see in the web interface, but the mobile web interface to google mail is pretty limited.)

    • Google Maps

  • Web browser

  • Ability to sync calendar and contacts without a computer.  (Maybe GooSync)

It would also be nice to have:

  • GPS

The closest thing that Verizon has is the XV6700.  This is a pretty cool Windows Mobile phone that has a slide out keyboard.  Unfortunately, GPS is not available on this phone.  Also, Verizon doesn't offer their Verizon Navigator for thier smart phones (I wouldn't really want this, since they charge $10 a month.)  I can use Google Maps on the phone, but I have to manually scroll the directions.

Also, I don't believe that you can install the Google Mail app that works with Google Apps on a Windows Mobile phone

The other phones that I am interested in are:

But, both of those would require me to switch cell provider.  And I have been very happy with the call quality with Verizon, even though they gouge for the price of the service.

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