Saturday, November 18, 2006

Tried switching to DSL

I got a call from AT&T offering a pretty good deal for 6 mbs DSL, so I decided to try them out.  We got the package a few days ago, and I installed it last night.

After I installed it, I tested the speed, and, and I only got about 1.4 mbs of download speed.  I then tried moving the dsl modem to the closet where the cable mode is.  I couldn't get dsl signal there at all, even though there is dial tone.

I got frustrated, and just reinstalled the cable modem.  Then out of curiosity, I ran the speed test, and these are the results that I got:

I saw these result on my laptop connected to the cable modem through 802.11g.  It is possible, that I was directly connected the results could have been better

Now, I just have to deal with AT&T to cancel the dsl service.

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