Sunday, November 5, 2006

Ambient Clock

Googleclock Byambient V3-1Now this is a device that I would love on my desk at work, if it ships.  The Ambient Clock is a clock that, in addition to displaying the time, also your schedule.  The clock would retrieve your schedule from Google Calendar, though Ambient's wireless network.

The really interesting thing is how it displays your schedule.  It shows the blocks for scheduled appointment around the circumference of the clock.  In addition it displays travel time to meetings as little dots running up to the appointment block.  (The travel time is calculated using Google Maps.)

When no appointments are close the clock glows a calm blue color.  This changes to a yellow shade, within 10 minutes to the event.  When an event is in progress, the clock is in a shade of orange.

Right now the clock is not in production (or may not even exist in prototypes), but a Google Gadget simulation does exist.  This you can put on your personalized Google homepage, and see how this would work.

[via Engadget]

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