Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Blogger archiving responsibilities

Do bloggers have a responsibility to archive the content of posts that are linked to, so when the post becomes unreachable the information is still available? 

I linked to a forum post that described how to fix a problem where your iTunes library file became locked.  I didn't post the actual steps, as I didn't get permission from the author.  Then at some point later, the thread was removed from the forums at ipodlounge.  For a while it was available in Google Cache, but then it disappeared.  Now when people find my post from search engines, they can't find the instructions.

So should I have saved the instructions myself, so when this happened, I could updated the post to include them?  Unfortunately, I didn't save the instructions when I posted originally, so I can't do this for this case.

I am not going to do anything different on this blog.  If I don't get permission, I am not going to post the contents of the posts that I link to.

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