Monday, February 27, 2006

Podcast list

An appleScript has been posted on the Paint the Tiger blog that prints out the list of podcasts that are in iTunes.  This is a lot nicer than looking at an opml file. 

One thing that I would love to add is to have the html have link to the podcast itself in the generated html.  Unfortunately, this url is not made available from iTunes AppleScript dictionary.

Here is the list of the podcasts that I have in iTunes.

  • Coverville • Brian Ibbott

  • MAKE Magazine •

  • Digital Experience Podcast - AAC Feed • Lance

  • Autoblog • John Neff

  • One Minute Tip ( • John W Chambers

  • CrookZ (Video) • Kray Mitchell

  • Radio Go Daddy Podcast • Radio Go Daddy

  • Diggnation w/Kevin Rose & Alex Albrecht •

  • •

  • Channel Frederator • Channel Frederator

  • The Mac Observer's Mac Geek Gab • Dave Hamilton & John F. Braun

  • Videocast • Patrick Norton

  • Uwe Hermann's Music Podcast • Uwe Hermann

  • MTV News (Video): Daily Headlines • MTV News

  • MTV News RAW (Video) • MTV News

  • What's New Now • Jim Louderback

  • HD Beat • Ben Drawbaugh and Kevin C. Tofel

  • Audible Podcast Subscriptions •

  • • Mr. Me

  • I Make Things • Bre Pettis

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